About: Photographer Alan Barber

I am a photographer based in Ocean Grove, Victoria. My photography business is called Barefoot Media.

I am available for hire. Hire me - it's money well spent.

I do general commercial and editorial photography in Ocean Grove, Geelong and Melbourne.

I also do fancy assignments with sporting lifestyle themes.

I'll go anywhere for the right assigment and have a structure behind me to make this possible.

I enjoy photographing widgets, solicitors and CEOs, and I really enjoy photographing streetlife and summer surf comps - who doesn't ?

I am not a hobbyist, part-timer or grant-funded photographer - my income comes from photography that delivers results for my clients - I have to produce for you - and will.

I have a lot of hard commercial and photojournalism experience, having been doing this for 20 years now, so I can realistically assess whether we can work together to help you sell more products and services.

I believe that intelligent use of good images is important to help you succeed.
I provide great value - but am not your cheapest option if you count beans. Photos are not beans.

I'll give you a discount if you have a really cool job that will make my book more interesting or give me the opportunity to shoot some stock on the side.

I won't wear a suit unless you ask - I usually end up rolling in the mud or climbing a tree or wall to get the right angle - I'm not precious enough to demand a ground sheet - suits don't work for me. But I know when I need to wear one.

I own my own safety boots and public liability insurance. I also have a large purpose built commercial studio available for fashion, product and portraiture work. The studio is just 25 minutes from Geelong.

I do care about dull stuff like efficiency, value provision, brand awareness, copyright, image resolution, colour spaces, retouching, backup, deadlines, delivery methods, captioning and model releases, so if I go off on one please forgive me. I'm only trying to help.

I have more kit that you can shake a stick at - kit doesn't usually matter - but sometimes it does.

I like working with people who are as passionate about their work as I am about mine.

My hobby is 'testing' with models to build my 'book'.

I have been compared to a bouncy labrador - sometimes so keen that I will knock you over - again I'm only trying to help.

Call me on 0400 721 185 or send an e-mail to info@barefootmedia.com.au


Ocean Grove, Geelong and Melbourne